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How to Sell Without Selling Out with Ryan Carson

  • 16 noviembre, 2018

How to Sell Without Selling Out with Ryan Carson

This is, in my opinion, one of the best podcast out there. Chase Jarvis is a known photographer and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of CreativeLive learning platform. 

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60 years of logos

  • 11 septiembre, 2018

60 years of logos

Shortly thereafter Paul Rand came with his iconic rendering of the IBM logo in 1956 Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar founded a design firm that would take things one step further.

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Blockathon 2018

  • 26 julio, 2018

Blockathon 2018

Blockathon is something like a Hackathon based on the Blockchain technology. The EUIPO and the European Commission invited the best and most pioneering teams to join the alliance against fake products and to create a new level of anti-counterfeiting infrastructure by working directly with manufacturers, logistics companies, customs, retailers and consumers. Read More

The Internet’s Own Boy [Documental]

  • 14 mayo, 2016

The Internet’s Own Boy [Documental]

Desde que Netflix llegó a España me he enganchado, sigo varias series y creo que ya he visto todas las películas que no había visto del catálogo. En la categoría documentales hay muchos interesantes, pero este en especial tiene algo que lo hace digno de ser recomendado.

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Mountain Bike en FPV

  • 27 diciembre, 2015

Mountain Bike en FPV

Hace unos días pude quedar con unos amigos para coger las bicis y tirarnos por unos barrancos a toda velocidad y soltar así algo de adrenalina. He aquí el resumen.

About Me

“Make it simple, but significant.” –Don Draper

I’m a designer, developer and maker with a passion for converting ideas into real life objects. Currently working as a design consultant and involved in multidisciplinary corporate communication projects.

In my spare time I experiment and have fun with 3D design and printing, build electronic devices and enjoy photography. In this blog I plan to share thoughts and experiences about these topics.


What do I do?

Graphic Design

Design of brochures, flyers, magazines, book covers, banners, and billboards.

Web Design

Design of interfaces for websites, landing pages and web apps.

Web Development

Development of websites in HTML + CSS, PHP and MySQL, Javascript, jQuery and NodeJS with MongoDB,

3D Printing

3D design and printing. Print of prototypes, mechanical parts and customized 3D designs.


Product photography, retouching and production.


Design of user interfaces for Apps and Websites based on user experience research.

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